Changes I see are probably needed

I put a lot of my time into writing. I have figured out still that time I am using to share what I do on media online, even with my writing samples, takes time from my writing itself and I need to diminish what is in the way of my writing. It is not an easy thing to see and choose to do.

Writing is not socializing, but…

I really like writing, a very great deal, but there is not social activity with it, unless somehow I later socialize with anyone who is a reader enjoying my writing. It is good I am not very outgoing, but it is a choice I make to be spending more time on writing I feel very strongly I should continue with. I would still gather any readers for it.

Writing still regardless

With the changes that came with the pandemic my life was really held up, as I needed access to important things to have my work for a novel complete enough for seeking to have published. I rather think life will be more surreal in the coming times ahead than it is yet. How I do not know, but I fear I have ideas that are not far off. As I write, I include such ideas in writings I can maybe have published as I have other writing from me.

Motives for focusing on writing

I have other issues in my life, certainly, and those come to mind easily enough. For instance I live by myself on my own, though I have put some effort into meeting my desire to be with someone else just right to be with me. So to not dwell on thoughts which are negative all that much, I write and I found I can write a lot, so I write long things I can hope and plan to have published. I still have enough material to show for samples, and I use various locations online for that. I find it a good way to gain followers, who may then be interested in more writing from me. I also like having any liking to read the written material from me more than I have desire to have a lot of the books I can have out sold, though I want that, and do need that, too.

My writing should be true to how I write

I have longer works I have written to get published which I know I am more invested in than I am with other writing from me. How I write, myself, is most important to me. I want people who would to read those, but I would still have my writing that way if they do not, it is important to me to write in this way that I do. Any change to it, aside from grammatical editing, I would not find desirable.

Coming to this again with what my writing means to me

The issue of the pandemic having closures where I would use a computer and have what I want published organized satisfactorily and then seek publishers to accept it, but not be able to this way, has held me back indeed. It was discouraging enough to me to want to come to my blog site here to say any possible things about it. I was sorry to let this go so long but I think I will still work on having this site continue.

Writing is a joy for me but it is not without using it as an opportunity to share things I see or know, for others to not miss who might miss it otherwise. I am not the only one with this approach to writing, I think many others who write and those who are writers do that. And such writers are needed. And with writing that way we need others who read and see some of such things from that.

With samples I share I want to draw in interest of others. I wonder though if anyone really is reading the things I write, or they just left unseen. But I cannot want to not write those things, I see they should be written and I am needed for writing those things still. So just in case I write what is not seen in some place I have it shown as a sample, I usually make a copy, and maybe edit that more, for having it shown in another place, in a different site or medium. There is more chance that what I have written will be seen this way still. It would be nice feeling more secure about that though.