And it is learned

I now am certainly making duplicates of the text of stories that I compose, religiously. Any one thing might be unexpectedly lost. Though it is not likely on one occasion, with enough time going on continuously depending on where writing is saved, it becomes more certain loss of text will happen. I suffered loss of a lot of text before, and wound up writing new things for what was lost and couldn’t be recovered. It was not like I hadn’t lost text before, of messages that were to be sent. But I thought I was doing better with not just losing things, with the text I wrote as drafts saved when I had composed them. It is understood most certainly now one place is not enough for saved text, it should be understood.


To learn as being highly needed

On great hard and even bitter lesson for a writer is to unexpectedly lose a great deal of written text. The lesson taught is to always, with no exception to anything of what would still be used, save duplicates as backup. And where text is in a draft, it is much better to use what will save it only with the selection to save appearing for that to be confirmed.

Progression in spite of distraction

I have enough in my life in recent times being great distractions to my progress as a writer.  Yet I still advance, both with short works for submissions I may make right away, and one large work of novel length, and still there are ideas for making use of in the future.

I look to where others have shared ideas for how to write. If I knew secrets to share for it I might do that. But I look to the creativity in me and I cannot ignore it, this is something in me that needs to grow with exercising it, and still I seek managing it with faithfulness to what truth still needs to be expressed.