Writing freely without putting pressure on myself

I find things I want to start writing about, or at times there are things suggested to me, and I start writing, for those things. If I plan much detail ahead it is hard to have my writing from my creativity conform to that. I just will write on, not with a number or time in mind, but generally not wanting to stop continually writing for what looks promising enough to continue trying with adding more to it. My writing often gets quite long that way, as I am adding more every so often, while actually I have a few works I alternate between while doing that. More than one thing interests me to start for writing, at overlapping times.

Certain ways I still generally write

Difficulty I seem to anticipate has me almost always working in my writing in very different settings from any of our modern urban or industrial scenes. I try to have settings where characters are more open to things that will be more unbelievable to individuals in the world we are most familiar with. They would have beliefs about things without that much evidence, and something new appearing that is contrary to those can be more persuading. The writing from that will still go in any of many different possible directions.

Why I keep writing…

Why do I write, and keep at it? Honestly, I am rather compulsive in that. I hate starting something and not using it. When I get some ideas that it seems I can start a good story with, I start writing for it when I first have time for it, and I will keep coming back to it to keep working on it. I don’t want to then stop. And so I really have more than one thing going, that I keep on writing for. I think it is that creativity in me that won’t want it to stop.

My way of working with my writing

I have difficulty sticking my writing to a genre. It is likewise still involving fantasy, and I don’t just start off anything I write with what would be called high fantasy. But nothing I choose for scenarios involves contemporary urban settings in our world. Urban fantasy would not be a fitting name for it. I like using scenarios less familiar, in our world or somewhere indistinguishable from our world, where persons might be more accepting of there being exotic differences from what is already known. From there more elements of fantasy can be brought in, with perhaps another realm or world as well, depending on the direction I am taking. But I find my writing moving into almost any other genre at times. Of course, there have been a number of sources of inspiration for me, and I am sure there will still be, but my creativity does not feel like stopping.

Being motivated within

I can write for stories and they can be interesting stories, I have abundant creativity for that, even though there would be weak points in my writing, and I recognize those. Yet I never lack for creativity. Once I start with something I can keep adding and keep going on with it. I know writing is something I would not be able to just stop. You know that when it is in you. You can just work with it and the writing will get better.

Very disappointing treatment to show a writer

I was at a writer meeting where I was kicked out. This did not happen for how my writing that I brought was. The meeting was at a library in a set apart room. The staff of Ovitt Family Community Library in Ontario interrupted the writer meeting and called me out, and kicked me out from the library. I had not caused any issues. It was only for my appearance, and it was not causing any issues. So I could not continue with the writers there at the meeting. Does it not seem to be very wrong that a writer be removed from a writer meeting by a library? None of the writers there though to any evidence I see confronted the library staff or the library for that, and they still choose to meet at that library rather than one of others libraries to which I already go with appearing the same without that undignified treatment. For that I won’t go back to those writer meetings there.

Approach with trying more

I would write still more than I already do and find ways to publish more of my writing, such that my writing calls for. It is why I am basically willing to try any of many different things for writing. I seek with my writing to develop the ability to use different styles and write for different genres, to appeal to further interests. I trust then this works as well as I hope.