And it is learned

I now am certainly making duplicates of the text of stories that I compose, religiously. Any one thing might be unexpectedly lost. Though it is not likely on one occasion, with enough time going on continuously depending on where writing is saved, it becomes more certain loss of text will happen. I suffered loss of a lot of text before, and wound up writing new things for what was lost and couldn’t be recovered. It was not like I hadn’t lost text before, of messages that were to be sent. But I thought I was doing better with not just losing things, with the text I wrote as drafts saved when I had composed them. It is understood most certainly now one place is not enough for saved text, it should be understood.


Writing to show it here as in other places

I mention again I just like writing, really, and like sharing samples of my writing.  Knowing others become interested will have me see there will be readers of what I have published. And I do use several social media, more obvious ones anyway, as I said somewhere previously.  In this WordPress I use a page in such way as aspiring, and inspiring, writer.  I have yet to develop it as well as other writing that has been shown, but I plan to work on it more.

Never really smooth going, still pulling ahead

Though passing through the difficulties, and finding more managed living, it is not with lack of any further difficulties, including for some things yet ahead, and I make do for the writing I still work on.  I will gladly answer any communication about where some of such writing is found, and will trust much more of my creations will be seen with the interest there may be.  The aspiring inspiring blog is just the sort of writing, though through a blog, to gain such interest from some. I will like to hear of the interest, to share more.

Not knowing really what it should be

Well now with having this blog, I go back to the writer blog site I started already, and posted still more to it.  I never had my name shown with the title of those posts the previous times, but this time it did show it.  I wasn’t expecting it.  Yet writers are not really posting anything anonymously. Are they?  I will be fine if I am known as the author, with that blog.  I just didn’t know if it was good to have it work that way, or if was to be incognito for a writer to post more things, since it didn’t work consistently with what I was using.


I think writers, and aspiring writers, who blog, have contemporary material they read, and have such for mentioning.  I don’t have that.  I am pretty well read but it is all from older material, with hardly anything written in this the twenty-first century.  And though it is of some value to share great reading material I know of, it is foreign to what motivates me, with what there is from creativity I would personally share.  Still I will pursue working this blog out.