Unwittingly having hopes up

It looks finally like I will be wrapping it up, soon, and having the work I took a long time on published, while knocking on wood that more obstacles don’t show themselves.


Resuming, again.

It looked like I would get further, then my device which generally gives trouble as it does with getting power became almost impossible to have powered. It had everything I use for writing. It kept me even from this. I finally have something different I can use that works for it to be powered, and my progress has resumed. I will still get far with it … unless there is another unforeseen circumstance severe enough to interfere?

Still more I deal with as I go on

Now I am dealing with another difficulty in doing as much with my writing. It is with less access online, with the difficulty I have with the device used for it. In times past I wished to get involved and try my best with NaNoWriMo. Now I can simply forget about it. There is enough for my writing on my plate, and I have to still worry about getting other access to use.

Other writers blogging can give advice, I am not good for that, where I am, I look to theirs too, but deal enough with my own circumstances, still wanting to put out great writing I know already will come from me. One great work is just waiting to be wrapped up with submitting it, I have to work that out.

To learn as being highly needed

On great hard and even bitter lesson for a writer is to unexpectedly lose a great deal of written text. The lesson taught is to always, with no exception to anything of what would still be used, save duplicates as backup. And where text is in a draft, it is much better to use what will save it only with the selection to save appearing for that to be confirmed.