More places now for my announcements

I have sites now besides using this blog site, including what I have for that on Goodreads, on Facebook, and on a few more places. I will use these places, besides here, to make the announcement when my novel is coming out.


Going through these needed steps

I just started with the Goodreads author page, though I haven’t done anything with it still, and now have my Facebook author page, and have yet to put information on it, when I figure out how I will be writing on it. I have seen other writers sharing tips. They seem to be good for that. I just would write and enjoy doing that, with works that others will like. I don’t have much more I can think to say for it, but showing how I write, and maybe answering questions about what I write. I have enough written I think for submitting a novel for publication, I still keep adding writing to it though. I had started it in not so smart a way, with a result of having writing scattered, and have had to collect the writing to keep in the cloud, which I now see is much better for it.

Approaches to consider with being a writer

I see it is useful to have ways through social media to promote one’s self, to increase the number of potentially interested readers. So I will consider having shortly a Facebook page for that, and I know Goodreads has author’s pages. It is why I thought of using this, though I still am needing to learn how it is to be used. My writer ability is really just telling stories and telling them to interest others. This promotion is something else altogether, that still needs learning. I started using MeWe too, it and several other sites don’t have such pages that can be used this way.

Resuming, again.

It looked like I would get further, then my device which generally gives trouble as it does with getting power became almost impossible to have powered. It had everything I use for writing. It kept me even from this. I finally have something different I can use that works for it to be powered, and my progress has resumed. I will still get far with it … unless there is another unforeseen circumstance severe enough to interfere?