An Anthology I Have Contribution In

A couple of stories from me are appearing right now in a new anthology, The Power of Forgiveness, through Amazon. And more is mentioned of me in there.


Progression in spite of distraction

I have enough in my life in recent times being great distractions to my progress as a writer.  Yet I still advance, both with short works for submissions I may make right away, and one large work of novel length, and still there are ideas for making use of in the future.

I look to where others have shared ideas for how to write. If I knew secrets to share for it I might do that. But I look to the creativity in me and I cannot ignore it, this is something in me that needs to grow with exercising it, and still I seek managing it with faithfulness to what truth still needs to be expressed.

More coming than what may be seen yet

A novel is coming from me, some time it will be prepared for when it could be distributed. I must be content now with shorter work I have done that can be seen. Forgiveness is one theme I have been using for such.


Writing, and having writing being published

I quickly share story material as samples of my writing. But I am especially pleased as I get some stories that I submit published.  This is pleasing though I will just write having fulfillment in that.


More than the creativity that I have

I have the creativity to keep me writing, as I will. An important thing remaining for me to have is feedback and helpful critique. And who would be better for it than readers for what I am writing, for that?


Writing to show it here as in other places

I mention again I just like writing, really, and like sharing samples of my writing.  Knowing others become interested will have me see there will be readers of what I have published. And I do use several social media, more obvious ones anyway, as I said somewhere previously.  In this WordPress I use a page in such way as aspiring, and inspiring, writer.  I have yet to develop it as well as other writing that has been shown, but I plan to work on it more.


Hope with betterment that I see

Betterment seems to be holding, as this new year is entered, save for what I perceive amid the political world. But a couple of my short stories being published is encouraging, anyway.