Changes are a bit much

I wonder if indeed other writers and aspiring writers face challenges with changing circumstances as much.  The mostly unforeseen changes do interfere with getting further writing, from the creativity I have, done as much.  If they succeed with even such, I still should be able to.  I surely do still keep trying.


Posting for those readers who are looking for such

I know that once there is a growing number of my readership, posts in my blog site here will be looked at.  But rather than just promote the stories I write here, I would like showing what hasn’t been seen to show how I write, as it may increase interest for finding more from me. My aspiringinspiring site is hopefully good for that.  But I will still gladly answer things asked of me through this, as I will elsewhere, once some reader will come to post anything inquiring such information.

Never really smooth going, still pulling ahead

Though passing through the difficulties, and finding more managed living, it is not with lack of any further difficulties, including for some things yet ahead, and I make do for the writing I still work on.  I will gladly answer any communication about where some of such writing is found, and will trust much more of my creations will be seen with the interest there may be.  The aspiring inspiring blog is just the sort of writing, though through a blog, to gain such interest from some. I will like to hear of the interest, to share more.

Still continuing all the same

As I share through the aspiring inspiring blogs, I have been going through things that are challenging inconveniences for continuing with writing, these include moving with much trouble involved, and financial issues, among other challenges.  Though such things would be atypical for most writers, it does not involve how creative I am, and still I pursue to express it, with planning for that

To share more than the creative writing from me

Besides the writing I work at to be worthy of publishing, I wish to make myself available to answer in areas in which I know things for those who still would like to find such out, and hearing that being asked will help guide me to speak to that.  Certainly it could be things about myself, but there are great truths beyond what others generally think about much that I will like to speak to, when there is that opportunity.

Something for Explaining Myself

I see that at some point, with readers seeing what I put here, I will necessarily share view points I have, with what philosophy there would be, shown with that.  Above other things I can speak of awe I have for any of creation, with being creative in response to this, and sharing something of creaturely compassion.  This is seen with me, Aspiring Inspiring.