Something for Explaining Myself

I see that at some point, with readers seeing what I put here, I will necessarily share view points I have, with what philosophy there would be, shown with that.  Above other things I can speak of awe I have for any of creation, with being creative in response to this, and sharing something of creaturely compassion.  This is seen with me, Aspiring Inspiring.

How I may share anything

I have yet to be discovered, yet with some who see my writing there will be those who want to see the blog posts from me.  I can direct those interested to writing samples I share freely online, this is something I was thinking of using WordPress for, as it could be with those other posts I mentioned, and I could give direction to other media places I would use for that, such as sites on Facebook.  It can happen when there are responses here for me to answer.

Not knowing really what it should be

Well now with having this blog, I go back to the writer blog site I started already, and posted still more to it.  I never had my name shown with the title of those posts the previous times, but this time it did show it.  I wasn’t expecting it.  Yet writers are not really posting anything anonymously. Are they?  I will be fine if I am known as the author, with that blog.  I just didn’t know if it was good to have it work that way, or if was to be incognito for a writer to post more things, since it didn’t work consistently with what I was using.


I think writers, and aspiring writers, who blog, have contemporary material they read, and have such for mentioning.  I don’t have that.  I am pretty well read but it is all from older material, with hardly anything written in this the twenty-first century.  And though it is of some value to share great reading material I know of, it is foreign to what motivates me, with what there is from creativity I would personally share.  Still I will pursue working this blog out.

Starting one way or another

I actually hate writing, if it means sharing regular information that consists of facts as such.  It isn’t creative, and though I might speak of spiritual truths, I am not inclined to speak of myself. I do not think of myself as one to impress anyone.  But if I share from my creativity, that just might do.  But I start in all the wrong ways for blogging through this.  It began with posting with the writer blog I started, rather than using this, and announcing that through this.  Well, it is started for what it’s worth. When I have any following, I can announce it then, though I wrote something there earlier anyway. Now that it was started, I don’t think I will hold out much longer before having more posted through it.  I will try sharing posts through this though, as I sense I was neglecting this, and the writer blog is then a separate thing from this, though I use the same account (I think).  But now can I continue here without sharing what story I might tell?  My creativity speaks to me, and says, no, we’re not doing that.