Not so bold as might be desirable

  • I won’t post so much yet, without guidance I might yet find, for how others who write and use blogs do so.  I really am so modest that I am not inclined to speak a significant amount about myself.  This even involves me speaking of writings as my accomplishments.  But creativity I want to share should come through, I am compelled.

Starting one way or another

I actually hate writing, if it means sharing regular information that consists of facts as such.  It isn’t creative, and though I might speak of spiritual truths, I am not inclined to speak of myself. I do not think of myself as one to impress anyone.  But if I share from my creativity, that just might do.  But I start in all the wrong ways for blogging through this.  It began with posting with the writer blog I started, rather than using this, and announcing that through this.  Well, it is started for what it’s worth. When I have any following, I can announce it then, though I wrote something there earlier anyway. Now that it was started, I don’t think I will hold out much longer before having more posted through it.  I will try sharing posts through this though, as I sense I was neglecting this, and the writer blog is then a separate thing from this, though I use the same account (I think).  But now can I continue here without sharing what story I might tell?  My creativity speaks to me, and says, no, we’re not doing that.